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"Advancing an Engineering Approach to Die Design"


Mission Statement:

Advance an Engineering Approach to Die Design in the metal stamping and tool & die industries through education, technology transfer and the implementation of "Performance-Based Die Engineering Strategies"



     Pete Ulintz

Tooling By Design is a monthly technical column written by Peter Ulintz that appears in Precision Metalforming Association's (PMA) "MetalForming" magazine. The column provides technical discussions and recommended best practices relating to the engineering, manufacture and maintenance of metal stamping dies and troubleshooting formability problems in the press shop.

Pete has been in the metal stamping and tool & die industries since 1978. His background includes tool & die making, tool engineering, engineering management, advance process planning and product development. He has been speaking at national seminars, roundtables and MetalForm symposiums since 1996, focusing on topics such as: tool & die design, die maintenance, deep draw technology, metal forming simulation, designing and building dies for high-strength steel stampings, problem solving in the press shop and innovative approaches to die manufacturing using Performance-Based Die Engineering Strategies.

Mr. Ulintz is a member of the PMA Technical Seminar Committee, the North American Deep Drawing Research Group (NADDRG), the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). was established in July 2006 to serve the metal stamping and tool & die industries as a web-based source for modern metal forming technology. The website provides relevant die engineering data, technical support and industry resources necessary to advance "An Engineering Approach to Die Design."

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